About Fogcutter

From Strait of Georgia just north of the San Juan Archipelago, to Cape St. Elias at the entrance to Prince William Sound, we navigated the salmon tender fleet through the Inside Passage along the coast of British Columbia into the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska. More often than not, we did this in fog or rain or sleet or drizzle or dark of night. Sometimes surprised by icebergs, others delighted by cruising gray whales or leaping porpoise, long stretches of sky, forest, and water melding into monochrome liquidity as calm between the storms.

It was a demanding occupation, repaid by ample time for reflection and memorable events—something most people only dream of.

[ The vessel displayed in the header photo is Warrior, the flagship of the Pacific American Fisheries’ tender fleet, crossing Seattle’s Elliott Bay. Fogcutter‘s editor Jay Taber can be reached at tbarj@yahoo.com You can listen to Jay speak about the Fourth World and the Fourth Estate here.]


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