Te Vega

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The USS Juniata (IX-77), a two-masted, gaff-rigged, topsail schooner, was based in San Francisco during World War II. The 137 foot, steel-hulled, U.S. Navy vessel patrolled the Western Sea Frontier between California and Hawaii. It was sold and renamed Te Vega, and is now used as a sailing and research school.

Waterspout and Whirlpool

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Seafarers beware the waterspout and whirlpool.

Walnut and Mistletoe

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United States Coast Guard Coastal Buoy Tenders Walnut (175-ft) and Mistletoe.


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A & P cannery tender PETREL (76-ft) in the San Juan Islands.

Beach Mail

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In May 1961, the S.S. ISLAND MAIL (474-ft) was beached off Fidalgo Island to prevent sinking, after striking a submerged object off Smith Island between Port Townsend and Anacortes.

Troller and Seiner in San Juans

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Salmon troller and seiner photos in the San Juan Archipelago.

Pole Pass

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Summer 1977 I went by Pole Pass Light twice a week on our La Conner to Stuart Island run for New England Fish Company. I recognize the reef in the photo real well.